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I am very fortunate to live in beautiful West Wales, right at the point where Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire & Carmarthenshire meet.  It really is a photographer's paradise.  In fact, it's paradise full stop!
The pleasure I get from photographing the wonderful scenes and events close to where I live, and further afield, is immense and something of which I never tire.  The fact that I can share these images with others who seem to like them too, gives me an equal amount of pleasure.  My aim in making an image is not so much to invite the viewer to see what I saw, but rather to feel what I felt.  I'll leave you to decide how successful I am.
I shoot all of my images as RAW files that capture the maximum amount of data without the camera making any of the processing decisions.  These files do then require processing using software before they can be displayed on websites or printed.  This means it is me, rather than the camera, making the processing decisions.
Nevertheless, I do try and get as much right in camera, and make extensive use of filters for both creative effects and to balance exposures.  I'd rather be outside than stuck in front of a computer screen!
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Please do contact me if I can help in any way whatsoever.  Having now taken a couple of commissions I would be very happy to consider any suggestions.

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