Roni Roberts

Roni Roberts Artistic Woodcraft

"It feels like the ultimate tribute to a tree that, although its growing life has ended, its beauty and usefulness can continue."

"Y nod yw darganfod yr harddwch sydd yn y pren yn barod".

Artistic woodcraft is how I describe my work but the patterns, size, shape of the piece of wood all determine what I make so who is the artist? The majority of my work is artistic woodturning. The more holes, knots, twists, etc the more I like it.

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to work in a traditional craft with a natural material like wood. It is all locally sourced and has never been felled for me and much is hedgerow trimming or coppicing with the tree growing stronger afterwards. The range and beauty of wood in the immediate area is vast. I have worked with Burr Elm, Walnut, Cedar, Yew, Laburnum, Holly, Cherry, Apple as well as Oak, Ash, Lime, Sycamore...

I work with green wood or seasoned. All the work (such as planking the trunks & seasoning) is done on site minimising environment impact.
The work is mainly finished with an oil/wax mixture then wax polish. I will use a food-safe finish whenever requested.

My work is available from my gallery at home (please ring or email first) and several shops and galleries in West Wales. Please see for details.
Roni Roberts

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