The Welsh Scrapbook

Hi, I'm Justine - a stained glass artist from Llandysul, rural West Wales and the creator of The Welsh Scrapbook. I've been self employed for 3 and a half years now, and really love being able to start the day with a dog walk, spend the day working with my best friend (my husband, Chris!) and thinking about new creative ideas.
My reason for starting The Welsh Scrapbook alongside Cariad Glass has come from a number of love of all things Welsh, and our natural surroundings which are GORGEOUS!
My love for vintage, quirky, nostalgia...the music, the clothes, the cameras (I'm obsessed with my instax!)
Most importantly, I've decided to combine my love of photography with my love of Wales to create a series of unique, affordable and emotive prints, cards and postcards to take with me across West Wales...and beyond!
The Welsh Scrapbook is a collection of all things wonderful and Welsh - quirky collage scrapbook photography with a nostalgic feel and a little magic and mystery thrown in for good measure...I hope you like it.
The Welsh Scrapbook

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