Chloe Rodenhurst Art

I like the sort of art that tells a story. Indeed, we have always told stories through our paintings and my work belongs to this folk art tradition. I find the naive style and vibrant colour of Asian art most inspiring and a passion for textiles informs my perspective of the landscapes in which my tales are set. The watercolour and ink paintings I produce usually depict scenes of stunning West Wales focussing on local history such as the Victorian circus travelling from Aberystwyth to Tregaron or Welsh myths and legends like the Devils Bridge saga. I enjoy portraying the superficially incongruent, for example elephants in Aberystwyth, whilst also paying particular attention to the native flora and fauna.

I am proud to say that I was elected a member of the Association of British Naïve Artists (ABNA) last year. Commissions are welcomed.

Chloe Rodenhurst Art

2 Ger Y Llan

SY25 6AR

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