Maggie Anne Price

Maggie Anne Price

Woolly Daydreams

Woolly Loveliness from the lush pastures of West Wales

Sheep fleece from local flocks is washed, dyed and prepared for felting on my Welsh smallholding.

Wet and dry felting techniques are used before stitch and often beads are added to produce a range of scenes.

I hope these pictures will give the viewer that ethereal 'warm' feeling we all experience when a happy or comforting memory is stirred.

Some I make quite small, with embroidery stitches and tiny beads. These I mount onto reclaimed slate.  I enjoy the juxtaposition of the soft, warm wool against the cold unyielding slate, two of the most stereotypical Welsh products.

Others I mount onto various sizes of stretched canvas.

To complement these I have a range of cards, which are simpler representations of similar scenes.

This part of Wales is full of sheep: a myriad of different breeds, colours and sizes. It was only a small step sideways for me, from a lifetime in working with textiles and clothing, to starting right at the beginning with the raw fibres.

I have spent the last few years discovering the range of techniques that can be used with sheep fleece and other fibres.

Last year in addition to spinning, knitting and weaving I began making little scenes from wet felt with needle felt, stitch and beads. I am focussing on this technique for 2015.

I buy white and coloured rare breed fleeces straight from the small farms where the animals live.

Black wool is from my own small flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep.

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